They are regarded as one of the more unfortunate style trends of the Eighties.

But it seems that shoulder pads are not only making a comeback - they are actually selling out.

John Lewis said it has had to reorder its stock of £1.35 pads after fashion-conscious shoppers ransacked its haberdashery shelves.

Shoulder pad powers its way back into fashion

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- Young fashion designers, including college students, are being given a platform to showcase their work at the ongoing China Fashion Week as organizers seek out new talent and attempt to shake off accusations of copying that have dogged the industry.

In a show on Monday, models presented boldly-cut dresses designed by students from 25 domestic fashion schools. Seven other exhibitions featuring shoes, leather, underwear and wedding dresses are to be staged this week.

Liu Yuanfeng, vice chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, which co-hosted the shows, told Xinhua Tuesday that the fashion week was a platform for young designers, from colleges and companies, to exchange ideas and stand out.

Liu said young Chinese designers had "quite big" potential, but their success would depend on their understanding of the fashion industry and their target consumer groups.

"The industry in China is still in its initial stage," he said." The general environment for the development of cultural and creative industries is very open.

"So there are many opportunities for young designers to stand out if they are talented," Liu said.

Chinese supermodel Lv Yan told Xinhua she would "walk" for young designers for free during the fashion week as it could "maybe push them a little."

She said China had many talented fashion designers, but "they need more opportunities and more sponsorship."

However, Chinese designers have been the target of doubts and criticism over the originality of their work.

Shortly after Spring Festival, the lunar new year, the dress worn by China Central Television hostess Dong Qing at a gala for the Lantern Festival was questioned. Commentators on the Internet said the drape design of Dong's dress was a copy of a foreign brand.

On-line critics have also taken fire at dresses presented at previous fashion weeks for being "similar" to works of foreign designers.

Wang Qing, chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, said that copying of designs was a "serious" problem in China.

"Fashion design is a creative process that requires designers to not only understand the development of science and technology, but also that of ideology, history, culture and consumption habits," Wang said.

"With improved protection of intellectual property rights and faster changing fashion styles, copying will become more difficult," Wang said. "We encourage companies and designers to form their own styles."

The China Fashion Week 2010 spring/summer schedule was unveiled in Beijing Sunday. The nine-day event includes fashion shows, design contests and forums.

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China Fashion Week


Just weeks after supermodel Lara Stone posed in blackface for French Vogue and an Australian sketch comedy group parodied the Jackson Five in blackface, models on the latest episode of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model appeared in blackface for a photo shoot challenge.

On Wednesday's episode of "ANTM" cycle 13, Banks asked the six remaining contestants to pose as "hapa" or women from mixed cultural backgrounds in a sugar cane field in Hawaii.

"What happens when men and women from different places come together? Babies! Lots of babies that are from different cultures. A mix. Hapa. Hapa means half in Hawaiian," Banks explained.

The red-headed and fair skinned Nicole Fox was transformed into "Malagasy and Japanese," and southern blond Laura Kirkpatrick, whose pale skin was sunburned from the Maui sun, was made to look "Mexican and Greek." Offering inspiration, Tyra told bleached blond Erin Wagner, who was made up to look "Tibetan, like the Dali Lama, and Egyption" to, "Think about the people in Egypt and what they've been through!"

The shoot has the media calling foul.

"Tyra crossed the fine line from tasteless over to offensive when she put the remaining six contestants in ethnic garb and gave them biracial identities," wrote Gazelle Emami at the Huffington Post. "Call it what you want, but that's basically a euphemism for putting them in blackface."

On Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog, Margaret Lyons wrote that the "real" challenge for the six models was "Acting like there's nothing socially charged at all about race-as-costume!" and at AOL, a recap of the episode ran under the headline "Tyra Banks Puts 'Top Models' in Blackface. When Did This Become OK?"

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Tyra Banks puts America's Next Top Model contestants Nicole Fox, Laura Kirkpatrick in blackface

It looks like kids will get clothes for Christmas this year, and there could be some lingerie for mom under the tree, too.

Apparel is making a comeback on gift lists this holiday, since there is little else to excite shoppers, say the experts.

"We might just see fashion come back into fashion as a holiday gift," said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of market research firm NPD Group. The firm's research found 49 percent of shoppers will give apparel as a gift, making it the most popular category. Cohen singled out jeans and graphic t-shirts as two popular items.

That's a sharp contrast with last year, when retailers had to slash prices drastically to move excess inventory, especially in apparel. There won't be much of that this year, because retailers have trimmed inventory, said Cohen.

Leslie Wexner, CEO of Limited Brands (LTD), is clearly banking that some of those gifts will be underwear. Wexner told analysts the parent of Victoria's Secret is getting its "mojo" back this holiday.

Sales were in free fall this time last year; "It was really the pits," Wexner said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Now, he says he's optimistic about this holiday.

Limited boosted its forecast to expect either a break even next quarter, or a loss of up to four cents per share. That's better than the seven- to 12-cent loss it expected before.

Cost-cutting brought the company back from the brink and Victoria's Secret is speeding up delivery of its more popular lingerie products to keep inventories low, but avoid getting caught short of demand, Wexner told investors.

The fear of running out of inventory has surfaced in recent weeks, as consumer demand seemed to perk up while stores keep boasting lean inventories.

Cohen doubts either shortages or major markdowns are likely, but says it's hard to predict because shoppers are getting used to last-minute holiday shopping. And a lot of those jeans and t-shirts will be bought in January with gift cards, he added.

Cohen predicts there will be the same number of discounts as last year, but not the same deep, 80-and-90-percent off panic deals.

"It's this vicious cycle of who's going to blink first," he says. "And every year for the last decade, the retailer has blinked before the consumer."

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Limited Brands, owner of Victoria's Secret, wants its 'mojo' back


I search a lot of good fashion. and i remember about the hotness fashion in televesion series. Gossip girl is the best i think rather tha Ugly Betty. So here the fabolous fashion for u to come out something Gossip!

Pretty in plaid

If you're a fan of plaid, then this is your year! Preppy, British equestrian-inspired tartan trends abound for Fall. This probably has a lot to do with Gossip Girl and its Upper Eastside prep school fashion.

It's true that young beautiful actresses can make anything look brilliant (Blake Lively could probably wear a bedpan as a hat and land on the cover of InStyle), but can the rest of us wear plaid without looking like a naughty school girl on Halloween? Absolutely! Let me point you in the right direction with some of my favorite plaid finds:

Dress: I love this Donna Ricco plaid taffeta shirtdress, available at Nordstrom. It could be worn over a cami or even a turtleneck as the weather chills.

Vest: Banana Republic has an amazingly versatile black and white houndstooth vest that wears beautifully over blouses.

Skirt: No one does edgy/preppy better than Gwen Stefani, so it's no wonder L.A.M.B. is spot-on with the plaid trend. This high-waisted pencil skirt will look lovely with cherry red pumps.

Jacket: I think this plaid suit jacket by Isaac Mizrahi for Target is a steal at $59.99, although I'd replace that matchy-matchy belt with something a little more elevated and structured in patent leather.

So there you have it: your must-haves in plaid. Just don't wear them all at once!

When Sex & the City ended, you feared the worst: that there might not be style like that ever again on the small screen. It seemed like all hope was lost...until the surprise appearance of an unbelievably fashionable and addictive show, tailor-made for fashionistas. (Update: Be sure to check out our latest GG fash dish - getting Gossip Girl fashion inspiration from the new Bass/van der Woodsen apartment, Tinsley Mortimer on Gossip Girl, & Season 1's Gossip Girl fashion finale)

Here are fab & affordable options for getting GG style:

The Guy Fashion

Summer, Kind of Wonderful


Fashion: Are u Gossip Girl?

Please No Touch

Fashion Of The Day


Nur Fazura Binti Sharifuddin was born in one of the Kampung at Pekan, a town in the state of Pahang in Malaysia on September 27, 1983. She is the third of four siblings, and attended the Sekolah Menengah Datuk Mahmud Mat in her hometown.

She has been acting since 2002. Before she started acting, she hosted a show called Teens World on RTM2 in Malaysia. After that,she was offered to do a movie. She also studying Fashion for a while but kept getting all these offers so it was kind of tempting for her. She grabbed one of them and told herself that “This is where I’m going to start. Do one acting thing and then forget about it. At least, I’ve done it.” She did one movie and she was the leading actress in Bicara Hati and won an award for most promising actress. Just before the release of this movie, She was offered to do a second movie named Qaisy and Laila in Pakistan. She had also done a few drama series such as Gol And Gincu, Kayangan and accepted an offer from MTV to be a VJ.[1] And now, she hosting for Anak Wayang on Astro Ria.

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Nur Fazura - Bad Girl Gone Good

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